CALLING Opening Session - 2/18(Thu) 13:50~14:10

[Japanese to English subtitle available in this session] It has been almost a year since the spread of COVID-19 began in Japan. It is still swinging our society like a pendulum on a global scale. The impact of COVID-19 has also had a major impact on the operations of Fukuoka Growth Next, a startup support facility. In addition to coworking spaces and incubation offices under the spread of the infection, we were required to change the way we held meetups and events, which were important places to connect people and organizations involved in startups. In this “CALLING” session, I would like to introduce the history of Fukuoka Growth Next and talk about what I would like to think about with you through this event.

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池田 貴信 Takanobu Ikeda

Fukuoka Growth Next

Vice President