CALLING Talk Session #1 Social Implementation of Technology and Rulemaking: Energy and Mobility - 2/18(Thu) 14:50~15:40

Technologies for social infrastructures such as electricity, gas, medical care, and transportation, which support our economic activities, continue to evolve day by day. However, in order to make such technologies usable in society, it is not enough to simply develop services. It is necessary to design the technology in such a way that society can accept it with peace of mind, and in some cases, go beyond that to encourage society to update laws, regulations, ordinances, and the barriers of past norms and customs. What do startups need to do to update social infrastructure? In this session, cleantech startups, mobility startups, and intersectoral collaboration professionals will discuss the future after regulatory reform.

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城 譲 Yuzuru Tachi

Makaira KK

Executive Officer


宮脇 良二 Ryouji Miyawaki

Aakel Technologies inc.

Representative Director and CEO


日向 諒 Ryou Hyuuga

mobby ride Inc.

Representative Director


中原 健 Takeshi Nakahara


Managing Partner & COO