CALLING Talk Session #2 The New Normal of Global Business: Fukuoka and Taiwan - 2/18(Thu) 16:30~17:20

[English to Japanese subtitle available] Taiwanese market is one of the markets for Japanese companies to challenge in overseas markets due to its geographical location. In this session, we will invite a guest from a Taiwanese startup support facility to talk about how to support startups that are taking on global challenges from Fukuoka. The session will include an introduction to Taiwan’s ecosystem and outbound programs, as well as the experiences of FGN startups who have actually participated in Taiwan’s programs, explaining how they overcame barriers to doing business overseas, and how to challenge overseas in this new normal era. We will also discuss how to challenge overseas in this new normal era. The entire session will be held in English, so you can also watch it with subtitles. Please take advantage of the subtitle channel on the web page.

Subtitles available in this session.


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尾中 泰 Hiroki Onaka

EnLinx Partners LLC.

CEO & Business Producer

EnLinx Partners LLC. has three main businesses: (1) business consulting, (2) coaching, and (3) business succession. (1) Focuses on management and business development for start-ups, from business launch to overseas expansion. (2) Human resource development, lectures, etc. (3) Support for traditional craftspeople to expand overseas.


木村 一郎 Ichiro Kimura

anect Inc.

Representative Director and CEO

We, anect, develop and provide "Appabrik", a service to provide "apps that users can continue to use" in a reasonable and speedy manner. You will be able to release a highly used app in 1/10th of the cost and 1/5th of the time.


David Kuo David Kuo


CEO & Co-Founder

iiiNNO is a cross-border accelerator and collaborates with startup companies who are committed to expand to Asia market (Japan/Taiwan/Thailand/India) with objective to grow 10X. We mentor, match and invest 25K to 50K with our partners in Asia.


Peter Liang Peter Liang

Taiwan Startup Stadium

Manager, Startup Development

Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is a leading ecosystem builder in Asia that works to help Taiwanese startups go global and rock the world. With our one alliance, one platform, and one academy approach installed in 2019, we serve our startup members, network of investors, and corporate partners, who aspire to grow and succeed in the world by starting with Taiwan.