CALLING Talk Session #3 Entrepreneurs and businesses that we want to invest in - 2/18(Thu) 18:10~19:00

We don’t talk about what’s wrong as right.

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about techniques and theories in the world. With the accelerating digitalization of society, it has become easier to get information outside of Tokyo. That’s why I’d like to hear something else in this session. I don’t want the session to be centered on words that have been said too many times.

I don’t think you can convey anything with hazy words. Competence is a number of efforts, and you can tell the guy from the guy by looking at him.

Mr. Kogure, who started his own business and is now a GP at a VC firm, Mr. Oshiba, who joined a VC firm after the company he joined in its early days grew, and Mr. Matsunaga, who joined a VC firm after a career in consulting and is now making Fukuoka a more exciting place to work. I am sure that each of them has their own aesthetics. Let’s talk about that on this day.

One word, one action, and We will make everyone understand.

In this session, you can ask questions to the speakers. Please click the button below to submit your questions.



大柴 貴紀 Takanori Ohshiba

East Ventures



木暮 圭佑 Keisuke Kogure


General Partner


松永 将幸 Masayuki Matsunaga

FFG Venture Business Partners Co., Ltd.

Manager, Investment Business Department